Disaster in Texas result of Republican dismissal of big government (Letters)

The failed response to the Texas disaster is the result of a bankrupt ideology that views the big government as an enemy, views tax cuts as a panacea, worships harsh individualism, and relies on the “big lie” to maintain power .

Republicans agreed with Ronald Reagan’s view that the government was the problem and sowed distrust of federal government and regulation. They pleaded for more power for the states. We have seen the failure of this philosophy with the disjointed response to the pandemic. Now we see it repeated in Texas. Texas created its own power grid because Republicans loathed federal regulation. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry proudly stated that Texans would rather be without electricity for several days than have more federal regulations.

The Texas Republicans equated taxes with great government repression and repeatedly pushed for low taxes. Failure to weather the infrastructure was a consensus decision to avoid higher taxes.

One Texas mayor detested being dependent on the government, scolding, “Nobody owes you or your family; No, it is the responsibility of the local government to assist you in such difficult times! Sink or swim, the choice is yours! “Unable to cope with the debacle, he withdrew to an argument about the survival of the fittest.

Eventually, for fear of electoral indignation, Republicans resorted to the “big lie” again. In contrast to renewable energy sources, Governor Greg Abbot accused US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, of the “Green New Deal” and wind turbines. Wind turbines provide only 10% of the state’s energy. The real problem was the natural gas infrastructure, which failed due to insufficient weathering.

Michael Camerota Westfield