Encinitas City Council takes action to cap fees on food delivery services

Encinitas City Council has taken steps to limit fees charged by third-party suppliers for delivering food for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a city press release. During the council meeting on Wednesday, February 24, city manager Pam Antil was instructed to work with the city’s attorney to implement a proclamation and emergency ordinance that would limit delivery charges for restaurant delivery services to 15 percent of the menu price Items. As Director of Emergency Services, Antil passed a proclamation effective immediately, enforceable by the Encinitas Municipal Code.

With the survival of many independent restaurants dependent on delivery services, restaurants have relied on take-out and delivery orders to stay open, continue to serve their customers, and create jobs.

Third-party delivery services charge both the customer and the grocery supplier. The fees paid by the restaurants are between 20 and 30 percent.

Local restaurant owner Kris Buchanan stated, “This cap is helpful for small businesses. We have done our best to stay open during the pandemic to keep our customer base and keep our people working the best they can. With so much of our business coming from delivery services and the fees we pay for those services, there’s no room for profit. “

The provision of this proclamation will terminate with the repeal of the state and local health ordinances relating to COVID-19 and is available at bit.ly/2NOrJqe

For more information on this fee cap, please contact Pat Piatt at (760) 633-2613 or [email protected] – Press release from the City of Encinitas


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