University vs. Walsh Jesuit hockey: Preppers fall to cap wild district semifinal Saturday | High School Sports

At one end of the hall was Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close” pulsing with bass from the locker room and players posing in gold hard hats and a WWE championship belt postgame on February 27th.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the end of the university after their semifinals in the Brooklyn East District against Walsh Jesuit.

The preppers felt so close and yet so far.

Kellen McGarry’s goal in the second half gave the US the lead, but the Warriors reacted to a tough 2-1 win late in the second round through Hunter Nalepka and the eventual winner early in the third round from Jackson Holzapfel.

The Preppers were knocked out at 14-13-1, while Walsh took on Mentor, a 2-1 winner in two overtime against Gilmour at 7:00 p.m. on March 5, in the Brooklyn East District finals.

US coach Andy Gerow admitted that a veteran-laden squad looking to return to the frozen four would and will stab.

“These people work hard,” Gerow said of the warriors. “They don’t take a shift. They kept coming back. Their first goal was just relentless pressure. We couldn’t get the puck out. We did some good things and made some mistakes.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our group. They left everything they had there on the ice. That 6-on-5 at the end, we looked at it a couple of times and didn’t get it to work. But still once I can’t be more proud of the group. Six seniors, these guys, this is a great group. I don’t even know how we’re going to do without them. I haven’t even thought about it. Yeah, a difficult road. “

The US opened its account in the second period. Sam Wade, a freshman who had a good game with McGarry and Mark Berglund in the second row of the preppers, was fed to McGarry and stationed on the left circle.

The second kid grabbed a wrister at 3:27 a.m. to get a 1-0 advantage.

#NHhockey @MaroonBlackPuck 1-0Kellen McGarry Snapper by Sam Wade at 3:27 pm

– Chris Lillstrung (@CLillstrungNH) February 28, 2021

But Walsh (16-9-3), as it should be, played an efficient puck-ball possession style with grit on the boards and cut the game short.

The warriors tied it at 1 by a Nalepka banger at 12:56 of the second.

Then, on the third, Holzapfel carried Holzapfel into his zone and slashed a wrister at 2:57 a.m. of the third, which turned out to be the final lead.

The US was not lacking in high quality looks, right up to a hectic final minute when goalkeeper Jeffrey Fillion was dragged for an additional attacker.

#NHhockey US also looked like this in the last minute, when an additional attacker and goalie was drawn with a tie target in mind …

– Chris Lillstrung (@CLillstrungNH) February 28, 2021

#NHhockey … Broadcasting from last tweet to the final whistle Obviously a difficult path for a US veterans group, but Walsh deserves it, no question about it

– Chris Lillstrung (@CLillstrungNH) February 28, 2021

But it shouldn’t be.

On February 27, a fifth round rubber match in the Battle of SOM seemed likely for the finals in the Brooklyn East District – as was an encounter between St. Edward and St. Ignatius in the Holy War in the Brooklyn West Bracket.

Then Mentor stunned Gilmour, Rocky River stunned St. Ignatius – and Walsh ended a series of riots on the venerable Brooklyn ice in a nightcap.

In a season of quarantines and demands to travel to practice and play unlike any previous campaign, Gerow praised his group for their overall perseverance.

“Yeah, it was crazy,” said Gerow. “Definitely not what we came up with. But I was happy to play as much as we were, and I give credit to these kids and their families. Whenever I said we’d go to Rocky River at 6am , they said, ‘When? do you need us there?’ They were excited every time we had the chance to play.

“It was definitely one that we’ve never seen before. But I can’t be more proud of the way they reacted, all the challenges and adversities they faced.”