WATCH: Alex Gonzaga’s newest music video is the next anthem of survival

“At first I was scared, I was petrified. I always thought I could never get out of this lock alive … “

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever wondered if things will ever go back to normal? Do you miss going out with friends on a Friday night after a long, hard week at work? Would you like to experience exciting adventures and journeys again?

Over a year after the lockdown, many things have had a profound impact on the lives and thinking of young people today. Some have used their time at home to get productive and creative with passion projects and small businesses, while others have continued to work from home trying to keep up with the demands and pressures of their work.

There are several ways that people, especially the younger generation, try to have a chat in order to get through this very uncertain time and stay positive. But to be honest, stay motivated enough to tell yourself, “Laban! Fight Long Nang Fight “was an obvious fight.

Vitamilk, the best tasting soy milk in the country, has launched a digital campaign inspired by the popular hymn “I Will Survive” from the 1970s. The campaign celebrates the millennia and their persistence in creating new avenues and new ways to thrive despite life’s adversities.

In a world where it is harder to stay motivated these days, it is good to be reminded of the things we worked so hard on and to find our second wind – our source of renewed energy.

“If you are a millennium old, hit by the pandemic, either overworked, disappointed, or barely holding onto a dream, you probably said to yourself, ‘Babawi ako.’ Why Vitamilk? We were there for you when you conquered Pagud-tom while you blazed through traffic and overcrowded trains and buses, “said Vitamilk Brand Manager Noah Vicedo.

“Now we are still here as you seek a better tomorrow and reclaim what is rightfully yours. With Vitamilk as a source of protein, vitamins and minerals, we hope to revitalize your mind and body as your goal is to survive and thrive one day at a time, ”he added.

Keep pressing, fight long!

Vitamilk’s campaign message is about surviving and thriving despite the challenges of this difficult time.

We spoke to the queen of internet users and Vitamilk’s proud brand ambassador, Alex Gonzaga, to share her thoughts on this new campaign.

“I Will Survive is the perfect inspiration for Vitamilk’s latest campaign because it is a song of empowerment for people who believe they will never make it but will continue to prevail.” When you lose hope, you lose your appetite. So when I feel down and tired, I really drink Vitamilk and can get back to my swing afterwards, ”she shared.

We also asked her to share some new discoveries and tips to better take care of herself while she was stuck at home, and she said, “I became a coffee lover because of the Dalgona coffee craze, hinahaluan ko pa yun ng Vitamilk para mas Stuffing and masarap. Nowadays I do yoga and drink Vitamilk before my workout, mostly for the protein. It really gets you excited when you’re kaa for the day in battle. “

Alex, a multi-faceted young professional himself, is the ultimate illustration of the importance of staying motivated, inspired, and motivated in order to continue working hard to achieve your goals despite the challenges life presents you. She knows that many Millennials are going through a very difficult time and this is her advice to them on how to survive amid this insane pandemic.

“If it’s not okay, it’s not the end. You just have to keep working towards your goals even if you get tired of what is normal. “So she is really referring to Vitamilk’s latest campaign and believes that motivating young people in particular is very topical. Nangyari na din sa’kin yan beforehand, sometimes you just lose track, so you have to keep going and pushing, ”she added.

To this day, she is one of the most sought-after celebrity endorsers, actresses and TV presenters in the country. At the same time, she runs her own business and is the true definition of a female boss.

Sure, it wasn’t easy for her to motivate herself in the midst of this pandemic, but being reminded of her life goals and the love and support of her loyal fans gave Alex perspective and kept an eye on the award.

Note to yourself: go ahead

It’s important for young people to find a reason to believe that they can still dream and make plans, even if it feels like their world has stopped for a while. You need to start reconnecting not only with others but most importantly with yourself to be reminded that the struggles they all face in this pandemic are only temporary, only temporary.

Like Alex and other millennials who have goals in life, they should be reminded of why they started in the first place – be it for a travel destination, career goal, or important life decision, you should always be motivated to move on and well over the finish line postpone.

Vitamilk is here to give you that renewed energy to help you overcome the feeling of quitting and not moving on. A powerful reminder that you should always have a goal long goal mindset so that you stay motivated and not distracted when you feel tired.

“Because we will survive. As long as Vitamilk does, we will always feel alive. “

We always need to find that natural power and energy in order not only to survive but also to pursue more life goals and achieve as many dreams as possible. Because it really is #FillsGood to be successful by taking your life into your own hands.

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