Animal Crossing Villagers Most Likely To Be Doomsday Preppers

Animal Crossing has a lot of quirky villagers. And when there are almost 400 bizarre people gathered, there are sure to be a few doomsday preppers.

While the established doomsday prepper – with a person who turns out to be a shelter in their basement with mountains of canned food – is common on television, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers could show up in such flavors too. There are 397 villagers in the New Horizons series, so at least some of them will have the end of the world on their minds. And figuring out if your island has one of those doomsday preppers could be useful information down the line.

The adoration and dislike of certain Animal Crossing villagers has been well documented since New Horizon was released. Especially Raymond made headlines with the prices he fetched on the black market. But Raymond is by no means a doomsday prepper – he’s way too practical. He’s probably very busy filling out paperwork.

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Of course, preparing for the end of the world doesn’t necessarily mean preparing for the contingency of Fallout events. A doomsday prepper could be worried about natural disasters, financial collapse, or even a zombie apocalypse. As these villagers are likely to know, an apocalypse can take many forms.

Animal Crossing Villager Octavian prepares for a space extinction

Octavian House Animal Crossing New Horizons

Octavian, one of the three coveted octopus villagers in New Horizons, is already hiding his preparation for the apocalypse. Octavian’s house contains a spaceship, UFO, spacesuit, and satellite. In case something goes under, he already has the tools necessary to completely leave the planet. What other reason could he have to buy such expensive furniture? He doesn’t seem to mention an affinity for space travel, certainly not so fanatical – but he shows the necessary pessimism for the preparation.

Barold is the quintessential doomsday prepper from Animal Crossing

Barold Animal Crossing

Barold’s theorized preoccupation with an impending apocalypse is unmatched. The walls of his house are nothing more than the monitors of surveillance cameras. There are enough screens to see what’s going on across the island, and Barold has a water supply, a huge computer tower, radio, phone, stack of books, and for some reason bunk beds and a sleeping bag. The paranoia that can be seen in every corner of this house has “Doomsday Prepper” written everywhere.

Animal Crossing villagers are likely doomsday preppers: Curt

Curt House Animal Crossing New Horizons

The interior design options from New Horizons are truly endless. Instead of putting his efforts into research or escape routes, Curt appears to be practicing for a post-apocalyptic outdoor lifestyle. Anyone who takes their heat from a steaming oil barrel and cooks inside on two open, unprotected campfires is at least at the upper end of the scale when it comes to their apocalypse for the end of the world. Also, because of his jock personality, Curt is already thinking about how he can be in his best shape when the zombies or mutants arrive.

With the many quirky villagers populating the cities of Animal Crossing, there are sure to be more with weird secrets and hobbies. Why Phoebe lives in a lava pit, for example, is unclear unless she, like Curt, believes in living as if the apocalypse had already happened. But in an emergency, it can be a good idea to have Octavian, Barold or Curt with you and really work on friendships with colleagues Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager.

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