Jashin Farming Guide: Normal and EX routes | Girls Frontline Wiki

On another farm route we encounter the enemies of the Shaved Ice Sprite (also known as ghosts). In here they are paired with the Herald of Beans, the orange dwarfs who can stun your doll. This route is identical to the route taken by the M870, so the recommendations are the same:

As already mentioned, the ghosts aimed at the highest HP in the backlinewhich means they will often target your DPS units. During our tests, they often managed to shoot Kord due to their forward spawning, meaning they would do quite a bit of damage in just a few runs. For this reason we recommend a minor change to Kordxodia: changing from Nagant Mod to M500 Mod. Since we are using a 5 star beach with Fervor, M500 would still manage to activate their shield, which is enough to keep them from doing so to eat a stray ball.

If you don’t have a 5 star beach, Statstick fairies can work, but M500 Mod is totally recommended as you are guaranteed to be hit by ghosts. Note that they have bypass armor so the M500 Mod will lose connectivity after a couple of runs.

As usual, Python had a maximized suppressor and maximized HP ammo, while Kord had VFL, AP ammo and ammo box maximized. Since ghosts bypass the armor, the M500 Mod does not require an armor plate.