Undying Update 3 Adds Endless Survival Mode and Zombie Hordes

The coveted survival mode gives the world of Anling and Cody an endless touch of sandbox.

UNDYING, the story of a mother and son trying to survive the zombie apocalypse, is currently available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Today’s big update brings a ton of new features and content to the game as we head into the US’s Thanksgiving weekend.

Survival mode – Survival mode will be unlocked after players complete day 30 of the main game. In short, it’s all about surviving and thriving in the zombie apocalypse. If you die there is no moving on either – how far can you make it in this endless game mode?

Zombie hordes – We have added a new and terrifying zombie mechanic – the zombie hordes. You won’t want to try to accept these and instead need to find a way to escape before you get overwhelmed. These hordes add tension and fear to an already troubled world.

More history – We suggest our players go to the survivors’ farm and camp to see how the Anling and Cody story unfolds in this latest update. Don’t reveal anything!

AMD FSR – On the technical side, UNDYING now supports AMD FSR, which helps improve performance on low-end devices by 10-30%. Integrated, NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards are affected. Now more people can enjoy Undying on any system!