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Disaster in Texas result of Republican dismissal of big government (Letters)

The failed response to the Texas disaster is the result of a bankrupt ideology that views the big government as an enemy, views tax cuts as a panacea, worships harsh individualism, and relies on the “big lie” to maintain power . Republicans agreed with Ronald Reagan’s view that the government was the problem and sowed […]

Strong Winds Could Cause Fires, Power Outages

MALIBU, CA – The National Weather Services (NWS) issued a wind report for the Malibu coastal area today, Wednesday, February 24 through Thursday, February 25, 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., gusts of 40-55 miles per kilometer Hour are predicted, which can lead to blackouts and fallen trees. Strong offshore winds and low humidity are forecast […]

Mayor Johnson’s Disaster Relief Fund Gives $500K in Grants to Dallas Organizations – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Der Bürgermeister von Dallas, Eric Johnson, hat angekündigt, dass der Disaster Relief Fund des Bürgermeisters Zuschüsse in Höhe von 500.000 USD an 25 lokale gemeinnützige Organisationen verteilen wird, die den Bewohnern helfen, sich von den Winterstürmen der letzten Woche zu erholen. Jede Organisation erhält einen Zuschuss von 20.000 USD, sagte Bürgermeister Johnson. “Diese Gruppen sind […]

Best Survival Books in 2021

It may not feel like it does on our abundance of modern conveniences, but humans are survival machines. Our bodies are designed to travel great distances and our minds are capable of solving incredible problems. However, this natural ability isn’t worth much if we don’t learn how to use it, and there are too many […]

How do you measure a natural disaster? The Ex Texting Index.

“Who slips into my DMs like that? Damn it.” “Who slips into my DMs like that? Damn it.” Photo: Getty Images “Who slips into my DMs like that? Damn it.” “Who slips into my DMs like that? Damn it.” Photo: Getty Images How do you measure a natural disaster? The ex-texting index. I’m sure you’ve […]

Texas, winter storm Uri, and how we’re all supposed to be survivalists 

My son first noticed the rabbit tracks. We woke up early in the morning after Valentine’s Day to find that our house north of Austin was out of power. My husband, 3 year old son, and I went to the back door and pulled up the shade to see what the winter storm had brought. […]

White Supremacy Set the Stage for Texas’ Miserable Disaster Response

Um die Naturkatastrophe und die vom Menschen verursachte Katastrophe in Texas zu verstehen, braucht die Nation zunächst ein genaues Bild davon, wer hier lebt. Ja, Texas hat seine Ölbarone, Lobbyisten für fossile Brennstoffe und opportunistische politische „Führer“, die dem Staat auf Kosten der Umwelt und der menschlichen Bedürfnisse Wohlstand entzogen haben. Aber die wirkliche Zahl, […]

Biden approves major disaster declaration over Texas deep freeze | Texas

Joe Biden on Saturday endorsed a statement of major disaster for Texas that suffered widespread power outages and water shortages during a freezer, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) said. The statement made federal funding available to individuals across the state, including assistance with temporary home and home repairs and low-cost loans for uninsured property […]

Bill Gates won’t save us from climate disaster

Bill Gates supports nuclear energy in his new book How to Avoid Climate Disaster Bill Gates’ new book on Avoiding Climate Catastrophe is a Billionaire’s Agenda for Coping with Climate Catastrophe. Gates begins by saying that countries have to cut CO2 emissions to zero. He calculates that every year 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases […]

Texas doomsday preppers poised for power outage as winter storm sparks end of world fears | Weird | News

US President Joe Biden approved a state of emergency after a massive storm in South America killed nearly 50 people and left millions without electricity. Yesterday, nearly 12 million Texas residents were told to boil tap water before using it in treatment facilities after power outages. The state’s energy grid has been overwhelmed by a […]