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Among ‘green’ energy, hydropower is the most dangerous — ScienceDaily

Many governments are promoting a move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. However, in a new published study, scientists highlight some of the environmental dangers that this wave of “green” energy brings with it. “We know that burning fossil fuels harms the environment and warms the climate,” said Dr. Luke Gibson, Honorary Assistant […]

Austin, Travis County, AISD look to build collaboration on community disaster hubs

Austin, Travis County and Austin ISD officials met on September 24th to discuss local resilience planning. (Ben Thompson / Community Impact Newspaper) After the aftermath of February’s winter storm Uri left many without electricity or running water – a dangerous and sometimes deadly combination – the Austin area began building a network of safe shelters […]

51% of Louisiana households don’t meet a basic needs ‘survival budget,’ according to United Ways | News

Social conditions that lead to health inequalities, including location, education, and economic stability, were discussed Friday during the South Louisiana Community Health Summit. The event took place at the Acadiana Center for the Arts and was hosted by the nonprofit group Beacon Community Connections. Roughly 33% of Louisiana households are economically challenged to pay for […]

‘I think we’re ready for national-level sized disasters,’ says Hope Fire Chief – Hope Standard

As September rolled into the eastern Fraser Valley came cooler temperatures and rain, both of which were necessary to quell the myriad wildfires that randomly burned the province this summer. Unfortunately, rain and weather cannot prevent similar sized fires from reigniting, nor will they save you if a fire burns in your path. And after […]

Survival Game Fractured Veil Allows 500 Players On Future Hawaii

Upon reaching the Kickstarter goal, the survival title Fractured Veil will be released in 2022 and allow up to 500 players to be in the game at the same time. Broken veil, a multiplayer survival game from original developer Paddle Creek Games, has met its original Kickstarter funding target and is slated to be released […]

Plan now to protect your animals in a disaster scenario | Blogs

It’s 3 a.m. and a piercing sound from your phone wakes you up. Your heart pounds and your hands shake as the urgent message penetrates: a disaster is right upon your area and it will occur within an hour. What should i do? Where should you go Will your whole family – including your animal […]

Germany is not as stable as we think. Just ask its preppers

Sep 17th 2021 by Gabriela Keller In a sleepy town with cobbled streets on the eastern edge of Germany, Lea Schneider, a 37-year-old small-business owner, is preparing for the collapse of civilisation. Since she doesn’t yet know what form the apocalypse may take, she is getting ready for multiple scenarios. She is also concerned about […]

Burnley, Sean Dyche and signing up for more miserable survival

Sean Dyche had just signed a new four-year deal and his side responded on Saturday by playing a weak, weak, unattached half of football against the kind of vulnerable Arsenal side who are often said to like to flip them. Packing soft southerners is all part of the Dyche and Burnley legend and it was […]

Gideon Rescue Company travels to places hit by natural disaster

A few years ago an ambulance doctor began studying at a small Christian college in Lincoln, Neb known as International Rescue and Relief. The coursework included rapid water rescue, wilderness survival and rescue, beach survival, marine survival, and a semester abroad at medical clinics in deprived areas. Brock Mayer of the Gideon Rescue Company was […]

Preppers to meet September 18 | Local News

The Southwestern Oregon Preppers will hold their monthly meeting on Saturday, September 18 at 12 noon at Sturdivant Park, Hwy 42 South in Coquille. The group meets in the large pavilion. Bring a chair. The main theme is “BACK TO THE BASICS”. The stuff hit the fans and the preppers have been living under SHTF […]