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Simplicity as a spiritual survival strategy

When autumn turned into winter, I found in common prayer a prayer for life transitions: a liturgy for ordinary radicals. We were thinking about moving in the middle of a pandemic. It all felt very complicated. And the opening line of the prayer agreed with me: “Lord, help me now to organize my life and […]

Valheim review: Coffee Stain Studios’ Viking survival game is taking over

Valheim begins with a sketch of red runes that slowly merge into text. The Nordic epic unfolds before you as you are carried away to another realm in the claws of a crow. Thunder and lightning all around you before falling into a familiar, but somehow strange, landscape. There is a sense of mystery and […]

Earthships: Doomsday preppers turning homes into spaceships

High energy costs and the desire for a sustainable home life force Aussies to discover a different kind of life outside of the grid. If the past year has taught us anything, we should look for more self-sufficient ways of living. As our climate is getting warmer and energy costs are higher, it is no […]

Anti-Grid Surger in Rooftop Solar Systems a Must

In a solar system on the roof of residential, commercial, and industrial roofs, the focus is usually on preventing lightning strikes. What cannot be ignored is a short circuit connected to the grid. During the switching process of a large motor, the start-stop energy can be very destructive to power electronics such as inverters. Recognizing […]

Disaster in Texas result of Republican dismissal of big government (Letters)

The failed response to the Texas disaster is the result of a bankrupt ideology that views the big government as an enemy, views tax cuts as a panacea, worships harsh individualism, and relies on the “big lie” to maintain power . Republicans agreed with Ronald Reagan’s view that the government was the problem and sowed […]

Strong Winds Could Cause Fires, Power Outages

MALIBU, CA – The National Weather Services (NWS) issued a wind report for the Malibu coastal area today, Wednesday, February 24 through Thursday, February 25, 3:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., gusts of 40-55 miles per kilometer Hour are predicted, which can lead to blackouts and fallen trees. Strong offshore winds and low humidity are forecast […]

Axpo signs deal to supply Danone with green energy from Polish wind farm, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

FRANKFURT: The Swiss energy supplier Axpo has signed a contract to supply the French food company Danone with electricity from the British Green Investment Group’s onshore wind farm in Poland, as the companies increasingly want to switch to green energy. Global food and beverage company Danone has pledged to secure all electricity it purchases from […]

Editorial: Don’t let Missouri’s utility industry strangle solar energy incentives. | Editorial

In Missouri, as across the country, proponents of solar energy in general have agreed that a fee is reasonable to address the problem. However, in other states, utilities have added fees so high that they effectively cancel out the cost savings from solar panels and nullify a key incentive for solar operation. In its current […]

Texas, winter storm Uri, and how we’re all supposed to be survivalists 

My son first noticed the rabbit tracks. We woke up early in the morning after Valentine’s Day to find that our house north of Austin was out of power. My husband, 3 year old son, and I went to the back door and pulled up the shade to see what the winter storm had brought. […]

88-megawatt Canadian hydro-to-hydrogen plant to open in 2023

The German multinational company Thysenkrupp has received the order to build and operate a huge hydroelectrolysis plant in Quebec, in which around 11,100 tons of green hydrogen are produced annually with one of the world’s most powerful electrolysers. Canada’s mountainous terrain offers exceptional opportunities for clean hydropower generation, and the country has worked to maximize […]