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Hunt safe: Survival tips for big game hunters

Hunters get lost in the woods every hunting season, and while most get away with it tired, chilled, and hungry, the risk of getting lost in the Idaho woods shouldn’t be underestimated. Hunters can take precautions and prepare for unexpected forest situations. Know the area you are hunting in Always pay attention to your surroundings, […]

Survival Game Fractured Veil Allows 500 Players On Future Hawaii

Upon reaching the Kickstarter goal, the survival title Fractured Veil will be released in 2022 and allow up to 500 players to be in the game at the same time. Broken veil, a multiplayer survival game from original developer Paddle Creek Games, has met its original Kickstarter funding target and is slated to be released […]

First gameplay trailer for the open-world vampire survival game, V Rising

Stunlock Studios has released the first gameplay trailer for its open world vampire survival game V Rising. This trailer gives you a glimpse into the game mechanics, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested. In V Rising you slip into the role of a vampire and have to hunt for blood in […]

Survival fans should check out Arid, a free survival game created by students

There is a moment at the beginning of the survival game Arid that is a bit of a kick in the pit of your stomach. After surviving a plane crash in a scorching desert, I scurried around in search of clean water to fill my canteen, store what little food I can find, make bandages […]

Niche – a genetics survival game launches on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

Adorable Niche – a genetic survival game that was previously available on Nintendo Switch and Steam and received multiple awards in the process, has arrived on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. If you are serious about your turn-based strategy, love a bit of roguelike and have always wanted to create your own […]

Icarus, the savage new survival game from DayZ’s creator, is more chill than it lets on

Okay, the next sentence is a confusing combination of words. Icarus: First Cohort is a PvE session-based survival game from RocketWerkz, a studio founded by Dean Hall – the person who brought us DayZ. While you are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in DayZ, Icarus gives you limited time to explore a wild alien […]

Announced the beta of the survival game Dysterra

Kakao Games today announced the closed beta of the online survival game Dysterra in partnership with RealityMagiQ. The beta starts July 7th and runs until July 20th, so it’s currently being sought by testers around the world. Players who wish to participate in the beta can visit Steam. Page In Dysterra, simply click on “Access […]

City Of Atlantis City-Building Survival Game Launches New Trailer

| Independent game developer SuperIndie Games has released the latest trailer for City of Atlantis, their new city-building survival game. In the trailer, SuperIndie presents a dramatic and breathtaking gameplay along with great graphics that match the film sequence. The twist is, those graphics are the gameplay graphics! Key image of the indie game City […]

Alexa-led Escape Room PREPPERS THE GAME Launches Free On Amazon

PREPPERS: THE GAME is the groundbreaking new work from Casson & Friends that asks if we’re really prepared. Available exclusively through Amazon Alexa, this free game combines the thrill of a digital escape room with “Choose Your Own Adventure” gameplay so that participants can make choices that will affect their journey through the game. If […]

Siege Survival isn’t kidding around about being a survival game

Things have got off to a difficult start. My character Flint is starving. My other character, Bertam, is starving. (He’s also dying of thirst and sick from spending too much time around a rotting corpse. He’s depressed because his entire family has died.) My chickens are starving. My pigs are no longer starving, just because […]