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Activists oppose Centre’s nod to select hydropower projects in Uttarakhand

A group of prominent figures, including MP Rajya Sabha, Kunwar Rewati Raman Singh, and historian Ramachandra Guha, are writing to the Union’s Ministry of the Environment. A group of environmentalists, historians, geologists and intellectuals have petitioned the Union Environment Ministry to revoke its approval of seven hydropower projects (HEP) in Uttarakhand. Signatories include Kunwar Rewati […]

Lake Powell Could Lose Ability to Create Hydropower in Just 2 Years

Lake Powell. Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images) Thanks to the dwindling water levels due to the mega-drought, there is a one in three chance that Lake Powell will sink below a critical threshold in the years to come. Otherwise the hydropower generation at the second largest reservoir in the west would be restricted. Lake Powell […]

Oroville water drop will force hydro-power plant offline

Prolonged drought and record heats, both made worse by climate change, quickly depleted the water supply on Lake Oroville in Northern California. As a result of the “alarming readings,” officials are likely to be forced to shut down the Edward Hyatt power plant for the first time since it opened in 1967, California Energy Commission […]

Explained | Why are hydropower projects in the Himalayas risky?

The Ministry of the Environment informed the SC earlier this month that 7 hydropower projects could be carried out The Environment Department announced in an affidavit filed with the Supreme Court earlier this month that it has approved seven hydropower projects that are reportedly at an advanced stage of construction. One of these is the […]

Hydropower dams are not the solution to the climate crisis

On August 9, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reiterated what many of us already know: climate change is accelerating and aggressive action must be taken to contain the tide of this impending global catastrophe. The report found that severe climate impacts in the form of droughts, forest fires, floods and super […]

Exploring the impacts of climate change on hydropower production — ScienceDaily

A new study by researchers from IIASA and China examined the effects of different degrees of global warming on hydropower potential and found that this type of electricity generation benefits more from a climate scenario of 1.5 ° C than from a climate scenario of 2 ° C. In a sustainable and less CO2-intensive future, […]

Among ‘green’ energy, hydropower is the most dangerous — ScienceDaily

Many governments are promoting a move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. However, in a new published study, scientists highlight some of the environmental dangers that this wave of “green” energy brings with it. “We know that burning fossil fuels harms the environment and warms the climate,” said Dr. Luke Gibson, Honorary Assistant […]

Amazon hydropower plant contributes significant greenhouse emissions: study

The team examined methane and carbon dioxide emissions during Belo Monte’s first two years of operation and compared the results with the values ​​before the reservoirs were filled and found a tripling of greenhouse gas emissions. When climate researcher Dailson Bertassoli measured greenhouse gas emissions at the Belo Monte hydropower plant in Brazil, the first […]

It’s all downhill: Looking at hydropower in Southeast Alaska

Juneau’s electricity comes from its hydroelectric power plants here in town, but it’s nowhere near the only community in southeast Alaska that gets its energy from water flowing down the hillside. The region contains the majority of all of the state’s hydropower projects, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. But for locations that […]

Lake Oroville Expected To Fall So Low That A Hydro-Power Plant Will Shut Down For First Time Ever – CBS Sacramento

(CNN / CBS13) – The water at a major reservoir in Northern California will be so low this summer that the hydropower plant will have to be shut down for the first time, officials said Thursday, putting a strain on the state’s already taxed power grid. A relentless drought and record heats, both made worse […]