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How do wind turbines respond to winds, ground motion during earthquakes? Wind simultaneously exerts dynamic loading, damping effect on seismic response of wind turbines. — ScienceDaily

With the further economic development of China, the demand for energy also increases. Satisfying this energy demand with fossil fuels is becoming increasingly undesirable as this harbors environmental and climate risks. One solution is to use renewable energy sources like wind power, and it has seen rapid growth in China over the past decade. But […]

Exploring the impacts of climate change on hydropower production — ScienceDaily

A new study by researchers from IIASA and China examined the effects of different degrees of global warming on hydropower potential and found that this type of electricity generation benefits more from a climate scenario of 1.5 ° C than from a climate scenario of 2 ° C. In a sustainable and less CO2-intensive future, […]

Among ‘green’ energy, hydropower is the most dangerous — ScienceDaily

Many governments are promoting a move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. However, in a new published study, scientists highlight some of the environmental dangers that this wave of “green” energy brings with it. “We know that burning fossil fuels harms the environment and warms the climate,” said Dr. Luke Gibson, Honorary Assistant […]

Survival of migrating juvenile salmon depends on stream flow thresholds — ScienceDaily

Young salmon migrating into the ocean in the Sacramento River face a number of hazards, particularly related to historical river patterns, in a human-changed environment. Many studies have shown that juvenile salmon survival rates improve as water increases downstream, but “more is better” is not a useful guideline for authorities dealing with competing demands on […]

Animals’ ability to adapt their habitats key to survival amid climate change — ScienceDaily

Birds build nests to keep eggs and baby nestlings warm in cool weather, but they also adjust nest insulation so the little ones can stay cool in very hot conditions. Mammals such as rabbits or marmots sleep or hibernate in underground burrows that offer stable, moderate temperatures and avoid above-ground conditions that are often much […]