‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Still Think Megan’s Survival Story Is Trash

Grey’s Anatomy is known for delivering some of the most intense and compelling drama scenes in television history.

There is rarely a dull moment between the cast and their correlating storylines in the popular ABC series. Over the years, Grey’s Anatomy fans and followers have been able to enjoy the narrations of the show’s regulars, as well as some of the more volatile characters.

During the show’s 17 seasons, Doctor Preston Burke, Christina Yang and Robert Stark are some of the leading and supporting roles that have gone through the beloved set of Grey’s Anatomy.

However, there were one character’s storylines that didn’t fit well with the show’s viewers. Take a look back at Megan Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy and why so many fans of the show think her story is actually rubbish.

Megan Hunt in “Grey’s Anatomy”

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Owen Hunt had become a fan favorite after joining Grey’s Anatomy in 2008. The handsome and talented surgeon was known to be a little withdrawn, but slowly and surely, viewers learned more about the character of Kevin McKidd.

The Grey’s Anatomy season 13 finale shocked viewers when the highly anticipated episode revealed that Owen Hunt’s little sister was indeed alive and went to Seattle for medical treatment.

Owen and his sister worked together overseas when she was captured as a prisoner of war. Since Megan had been gone about a decade, many people, including loved ones, suspected she had died. Her return was a happy surprise, but it didn’t come without a few bumps on the road.

Megan Hunt and Nathan Riggs’ relationship

ABIGAIL SPENCER as Megan Hunt | Mitch Haaseth via Getty Images

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During the 12th season of Grey’s Anatomy, fans of the series could learn more about Megan, her disappearance and the Hunt siblings through a new character. Nathan Riggs was a colleague who worked with Megan and Owen in Iraq. Even though they were all friends, Nathan and Megan had been romantically involved.

On the day Megan was kidnapped, she discovered a necklace among Riggs’ belongings. At the moment, Riggs proposed Megan, and she accepted. However, it soon emerged that Riggs had betrayed Megan and the necklace actually belonged to another woman. Riggs and Megan got involved shortly thereafter, but the problem remained very unsolved at the time of Megan’s appearance.

As a result, Megan’s return raised many questions about the future and fate of her relationship with Riggs. To make matters worse, Riggs had no idea or intention that Megan would ever return and became romantically engaged to Meredith Gray.

Fortunately, the love triangle didn’t last long. Megan and Riggs eventually got their happy ending, but many Grey’s Anatomy fans and followers still don’t love the survivor’s plot.

Grey’s Anatomy fans still think Megan Hunt’s survival story is rubbish

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As usual, Grey’s Anatomy fans had a lot to say about the return of Megan Hunt in season 13, and not much has changed. This Reddit thread sums up the dissatisfaction so many still feel when they ponder Megan’s time on the show.

From the start, viewers questioned the credibility of everything. As one user put it, “How did she come to be a prisoner of war with perfect hair skin and brows?” Another fan compared the plot to that of a fairy tale and not in a good way. Although it looked like the writers meant well, many Grey’s Anatomy fans still don’t care about Megan Hunt’s arc and story.

[Correction: An earlier version incorrectly said Megan returned in the season 3 finale.]