Catbird sends a strong message of human survival with the release of their new single, ‘Ride’

Catbird is back with their third installment, Ride. Inspired by Dare and Soundtrack My Life, Ride aims to challenge people’s tendency to destroy their own natural environment and wellbeing.

Australia – September 27, 2021 – Phill Small, who takes on the lead vocals at Ride, hopes the song will inspire a sense of optimism and motivate listeners to seek positive change. “While everything that happens in the world is largely beyond our control, our response to it is not,” says Phill. “Ideally, all of these problems should motivate us even more to look for positive changes instead of indulging in hopelessness.”

Ride is a spirited indie rock song with fitting lyrical content. It’s packed with guitar fills, harmonic movements, a killer riff and an anthemic multi-layered chorus, with thought-provoking and somewhat provocative lyrics.

Ride presents a snapshot of human strength in uncertain times. She criticizes the exploitation and destruction by myopic and greedy authorities. Ride is a musical wake-up call.

The individual release comes at an appropriate time as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural and economic disasters continue to disrupt communities around the world. Indeed, the Sydney-based band has felt the challenges on a professional and personal level.

Co-lead singer Mia McDonald says the band was unable to record a music video clip for the song.

“At first we struggled to come up with a visual concept, but when Sydney was banned we decided the song was way too important not to be released. As a band we had the feeling that the themes of Ride are crucial in the midst of all the chaos that is going on in the world, ”said Mia.

She continued, “We also wanted to post something that could bring joy and a new perspective that could inspire listeners to assert themselves and seek positive change.”

On a personal level, Mia is actually waiting for her father to return to Australia after embarking on a heroic mission to help fight recent forest fires across Greece. With COVID-19 restrictions, the wait is proving to be fearful for her and her family.

Catbird is backed by Featherway Music, a record label founded during the global pandemic that is committed to supporting young artists with a vision to lift people’s spirits.

Catbird’s third single is available now on THE BAND’S WEBSITE:





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