Securing the future of farming in Zambia by implementing climate adapted farming methods

(Fig. 1) Soybeans in conventional tillage (left) and no-till (right)

Zambia has seen the effects of climate change across the country in recent years. The rains come late in the season and end early; This often leads to severe runoff and flooding. The climate-adapted cultivation methods project, launched in 2019, an initiative of the Zambia-German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Center (AKTC), aims to minimize climate-related effects and secure the income of small and young farmers through the practice of mechanized conservation agriculture.

Visit us at AgriTech Expo Zambia 2022 from April 7th to 9th at the GART site near Chisamba to discuss the findings from field tests and see firsthand the latest developments in the agricultural sector

A good plant stand is a key factor for high yields; Plant populations in no-till plots developed better than in conventional tillage plots (Fig. 1). Presumably a consequence of higher soil moisture and lower evaporation – direct reduction in rainwater runoff and improvement in water infiltration.

It took less time and fuel to sow in directly plowed plots, reducing production costs, while weed and insect control had insignificant time, labor and fuel differences.
AgriTech Expo Zambia – the most important agricultural fair in Zambia, presented by ZNFU and organized by DLG Agriculture, a local subsidiary of the German Agricultural Society (DLG), at GART will be an ideal platform to exchange ideas with the AKTC project managers and to mechanize Project partners of nature conservation agriculture such as Bayer, Seed Co, Omnia fertilizers, Precision Farming.

The complete list of exhibitors at AgriTech Expo Zambia can be found at – AgriTech Expo Zambia will take place from April 7th – 9th, 2022 on the GART outdoor area near Chisamba – Zambia.