Survival Horror Game Propnight Releases on Dec. 1

Survival Horror Game Propnight will be released on December 1st

Propnight is a cooperative survival horror game in which you can play with four teammates as a survivor or alone as a killer. The game was developed by Fntastic, an indie video game company based in Yakutsk, Russia, and published by MYTONA. Initially, Propnight should be out for PC today, November 30th. However, with the game developers suffering from a hacking attack, the game is scheduled to be released on December 1, 2021 at 10 a.m. PST. As mentioned in the link in the tweet below, the developers apologized for the game delay and are offering players a bonus skin as a gift.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the game’s release has been postponed to December 1st, 10am PST.
Recently, we were exposed to a hacking attack called ransomware that damaged our development servers. More details here:

– FNTASTIC (@fntasticgames) November 30, 2021

Despite the unexpected setback, the game still looks promising and fun. As a player, you can slip into the role of a survivor or a killer. If you choose to be a survivor, you can turn yourself into a prop to hide from the killer. You can transform yourself into different objects that you will find as you progress through the game by choosing the elements available to integrate them into the environment. Your main goal is to fix the five Propmachines during the game so that you and your teammates can successfully escape the killer. Once you’ve fixed all of the props, you’ll need to find the exit and unlock the door to escape. If you happen to be caught by the killer, you will be put in the hypnosis chair. Once you are trapped in the hypnosis chair, you have a certain amount of time to be rescued by a teammate until you succumb to the hypnosis and you have only two chances to survive from the hypnosis chair.

If you choose to be a killer, you will hunt down the four survivors yourself. Your main goal is to prevent the survivors from successfully repairing the Propmachines. You can stop the survivors by hitting them and knocking them down with your killer’s unique skills. When the survivors can no longer walk, you can snap them up and place them in the hypno chair. You can also delay the survivors’ progress by damaging the Propmachines.

Fans of Dead by daylight and Prophunt would love to play Propnight. There is no fixed price for the game until launch. However, you can still find it Propnight on Steam as soon as it becomes available to the public.