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Here are the economic benefits of hydroponic farming, but starting out will cost you

(Getty) Hydroponic farming is growing in popularity and could be worthwhile for entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. Although expensive to start with, hydroponic farming has many economic benefits when done properly. Hydroponics requires that products be grown in a controlled environment, which means that farmers grow year round, harvest about four times a year, and […]

Serving up good food and fun for 20 years

HONOLULU (KHON2) – For more than 19 years, Tikis Grill and Bar served great food, live music and great fun seven days a week. You did this with a front row seat for near perfect vision. “Beautiful sunsets every night of the week,” said Bill Tobin, owner of Tiki’s Grill and Bar. Unless the clouds […]

Successful Farming Christmas Covers from the early 1900s

Browsing through historical issues of the magazine “Successful Agriculture” gives us an insight into the life of farming families and into the past Christmas season. Take some time to look at the details in each of these works of art from 1910 to 1945. What will readers think 100 years from now when they see […]

Popular Foods Wrecking Your Gut Health, Says Science — Eat This Not That

Your gut health is vital to many other areas of health. In fact, poor gut health can even lead to psychological effects such as an increased likelihood of anxiety or depression. This is why it is so important to take care of your gut so that you can lead a healthy and balanced life. But […]

Iraq’s water crisis leaves farming families reliant on food aid, NGO warns

Persistent water shortages and drought in Iraq are likely to destroy the coming harvest, a leading aid organization warned on Thursday. The Norwegian Refugee Council said that one in two families in drought-stricken regions needed food aid due to the drought, while one in five did not have enough to feed all family members. The […]

One in two families in drought-affected Iraq need food assistance

It shows that every second family in drought-affected regions is dependent on food aid because of the drought, while every fifth family does not have enough food for all family members. Communities across Iraq are facing significant losses in their crops, livestock and income. Children eat less and farmers and displaced people are hardest hit. […]

Manatee feeding program ready as winter tests survival

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) – As winter approaches Florida, a pilot feeding plan could save many manatees from starvation – … ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) – As winter approaches Florida, a pilot feeding plan could save many manatees from starvation – but they will still face the long-term threat of man-made water pollution that is […]

The push for Zero Budget Natural Farming

The story so far: Zero-budget natural farming (ZBNF) is back at the top of the government’s agricultural agenda, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will highlight it at a national conclave in Gujarat on Thursday. At an event in Varanasi on Tuesday, he called for the method to be turned into a mass movement. This year, […]

California destined for vertical farming, 3D-printed communities, says futurist Matt Griffin | Local News

International futurist Matt Griffin returned for a second year as a guest speaker at the EconAlliance Future Forum, where he again gave science fiction-like predictions of innovations that will challenge California’s major industries over the next 30 years. Griffin’s presentation focused on the agriculture, energy, healthcare, transportation, and space related issues of Santa Barbara County. […]

I’m a doomsday prepper and I’ve converted missile silo into underground skyscraper where you could survive nuke disaster

AN ex-government contractor-turned-doomsday prepper is selling homes for the end of the world after converting old missile silos into inverted skyscrapers where the rich and famous can ride out the apocalypse. Larry Hall, 64, started developing his first “Survival Condo” in central Kansas in 2010, but following a spike in interest amid the pandemic, he […]