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Study reveals food scarcity, desperate diet of Marine killed in Korean War | Nebraska Today

In the twilight below zero on November 27, 1950, nestled next to the Chosin reservoir and surrounded by the slopes of treacherous terrain, the 1st Battalion, 7th Regiment of the 1st Marine Division, was in the center of a closing circle – and an early one but decisive battle in the Korean War. In the […]

Devastating natural disasters show the need for resilient, sustainable and inclusive infrastructure – The European Sting – Critical News & Insights on European Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Business & Technology

(Credit: Unsplash) This article has been brought to you thanks to The European Sting’s collaboration with the World Economic Forum. Author: Nick O’Regan, Director of Implementation Practices and Standards, UNOPS The eruption of La Soufrière volcano touches every aspect of life on St. Vincent and the Gerardines, affecting food security, marine ecosystems and ecotourism. The […]

SOS Will Harness Leibodong Hydropower Station’s Cheaper Electricity For Cloud Crypto Mining Center

Bloomberg The World Economy Is Suddenly Running Low on Everything (Bloomberg) — A year ago, as the pandemic ravaged country after country and economies shuddered, consumers were the ones panic-buying. Today, on the rebound, it’s companies furiously stocking up. Mattress producers to car manufacturers to aluminum foil makers are buying more material than they need […]

Farming needs new deal to fight the climate battle

A NEW deal for farmers is needed to secure their livelihoods and help them fight climate change and natural degradation, one think tank has called for. A report by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) warned that the agricultural sector is key to managing natural and climatic crises in land management. Agriculture, however, is […]

Lucinda O’Sullivan’s Foodies Fight Back: Showing the way forward for Ireland’s quality food renaissance

THE ORGANIC VEG FARM The eechpark Ecofarm and Farm Shop in Clonsilla, Dublin 15, seeds and grows some of the best produce in the country. It is owned and operated by Neil McDermott and his team, including daughter Éira McDermott and farm manager Dave Taylor. “I bought Shackleton’s home, Beechpark, in 1996 and my kids […]

Investigating disasters caused by Yemen War and Role of Intl. Law on Armed Conflicts

The fourth pre-session of an international conference on international law and armed conflict in the region, entitled “Yemen War and Role of International Law on Armed Conflicts”, was held virtually at Qom University. Yemen witnessing the worst human catastrophe in today’s world  At the fourth pre-session of the international conference on international law and armed […]

Offshore vineyard wind holds promise for vulnerable bird populations

Heidi Ricci, Joan Walsh and Garry George | The Herald News Heidi Ricci is the director of politics and legal affairs, and Joan Walsh is the Bertrand Chair in Natural History and Field Ornithology for Mass Audubon in Lincoln. Garry George is the director of clean energy for the National Audubon Society in Washington, DC […]

Rising like a soufflé, Portland’s food scene ‘will be reborn’

Editor’s Note: This is part five of an ongoing series this week ending May 17 that covers issues facing the city of Portland. For the full series, click here, send us your comments at [email protected], and sign up for our hour-long special on Monday May 17th at 7pm. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – The pandemic has […]

Stellaris: The One Planet Challenge Survival Guide

This Stellaris challenge is exactly what it sounds like. Can you get through an entire gaming session without ever expanding beyond your home world? After winning a few Stellaris sessions, many players enjoy giving themselves personal challenges to really test their ability to manage an interstellar empire. One of the most difficult of these is […]

Why are so many Frederick County residents turning to tree farming? | Environment

Frederick County has the largest number of registered tree farms in Maryland, accounting for 15 percent of all tree farms in the state and 17 percent of its forest area. In 2020 alone, state forest rangers carried out 62 inspections of tree farms with a total area of ​​17,405 acres in Frederick County (see […]