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Why factory fur farming is ‘Anachronistic, barbaric and unnecessary’

A Public Health Risk: Fur Farming and COVID-19 The problems with keeping fur animals don’t stop with animal welfare. Fur farms can pose a public health risk, according to HSI. Higgins said the cramped and unsanitary conditions make them ideal virus factories where novel pathogens can emerge and spread. She added, “We now have irrefutable […]

Octopus: Why Factory Farming This Clever Cephalopod is Absolutely Barbaric

Octopuses are among the most unusual creatures in the world. They are curious, intelligent and also shape-changing. The creature really stimulates the imagination – as evidenced by the reaction to a documentary – My Octopus Teacher. (Photo: Getty Images) Factory farming octopus Yet our relationship with this extraordinary creature has been threatened by the nutritional […]