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Government accused of making ‘mockery’ of plan to incentivise green farming

The government has been accused of “completely mocking” the plan to use carbon tax revenues as an incentive for greener agriculture after spending almost € 50 million instead on funding welfare increases over the next year. Budget documents show how € 49 million originally intended to decarbonise the agricultural sector will instead be used to […]

‘Preppers’ have endured years of mockery. Coronavirus fears have given them a booming self-survival business

Have your ‘Bug-Out-Bag’ (BOB) ready when the ‘s *** hits the fan’ (SHTF), or will you ‘meddle’ for ‘the end of the world as we know it’ ( TEOTWAWKI)? This jargon is well understood in niche communities whose members spend their lives preparing for the upcoming Armageddon – natural disasters, pandemics, or financial meltdowns. And […]